These occasional posts will showcase a variety of articles which have caught my interest.

Anxiety is quite common – but not always well understood. Barbara Graham (@BarbaraGraham) shares her struggle and discusses the latest research:

So often it’s felt as if my whole nervous system is rigged to remain on high alert, as if at any moment the Cossacks will break down the door. This fear reflex feels cellular, genetic, ancestral—I come from a long line of nervous women. Click to read more

Sex addiction: real or myth? I linked to one article about this back in Links of Interest #2. Here are two more, from Dr Jim Pfaus (not on twitter) and from Rob Weiss (@RobWeissMSW):

But there’s a difference between compulsion and addiction. Addiction can’t be stopped without major consequence, including new brain activity. Compulsive behavior can be stopped; it’s just difficult to do so. In other words, being “out of control” isn’t a universal symptom of addiction. Click to read more

…the underinformed and/or misguided counselors who equate things like fetishes and same-sex attractions with sexual addiction typically tell their clients that they are only desiring and doing these things because they are sexually addicted. And then they try to stop these behaviors through all sorts of ineffective and potentially harmful “treatments,” including things like aversion therapy, directed prayer, and gay conversion therapy (also known as reparative therapy). Basically, these clinicians tell a clien that he or she is sexually addicted, and then they try to change that person’s sexual arousal template. Click to read more

In the previous Links of Interest there was an article about homosexuality and the DSM. Now for one about the fight to get BDSM declassified, from Merissa Nathan Gerson (@AskYourYenta):

More broadly, the DSM section on paraphilias (a blanket term for any kind of unusual sexual interest), then termed “sexual deviations,” attempted to codify all sexual preferences considered harmful to the self or others—a line that, as one can imagine, is tricky in the BDSM community. Click to read more

Are you kind to yourself? Kristin Neff (@self_compassion) talks about some of the myths around self-compassion:

For many, it carries the whiff of all those other bad “self” terms: self-pity, self-serving, self-indulgent, self-centered, just plain selfish. Even many generations removed from our culture’s Puritan origins, we still seem to believe that if we aren’t blaming and punishing ourselves for something, we risk moral complacency, runaway egotism, and the sin of false pride. Click to read more


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