So this wasn’t part of the plan I had for my business.

The original plan, executed late last year, was this: find the right location, sign the lease, move in, see clients. And it was a great plan for six months – particularly the seeing clients bit! But that two-year (renewable) lease? Well, there was a tiny clause in the agreement about what goes on if the owner just happens to sell the building. Which he did. The new owners wanted to utilise all the space (my office included), and so I was given two months notice.

Cue: just a touch of stressing out.

So I spent a month looking for a new office space, slowly getting more and more anxious – and  eventually remembering to ask for help, stop and breathe, and work out worst-case scenarios. But, finally, the right location came up. I couldn’t be more relieved! I was insistent on having a space that is disability-friendly, which in practice means on the ground floor (why do so few office buildings in Auckland have lifts?). It also had to have the right ‘feel’ – would I be comfortable there? Would clients?

It turns out that I can get what I want if I am determined enough. The new office is smaller – a touch smaller than I’d like, but I recognise that I had more space than I needed initially. And the important things are there: comfy sofa, rug, desk and books have come with.

So now I’m all settled in. The clients I’ve seen in the last few weeks and myself agree that the space is “cozy”, which seems to work well. Best of all, it’s only one street over from the previous location, so it’s still pretty easy to find.

What do you think?

Piermark 01

The important stuff: colourful rug and comfy sofa chairs.

Piermark 02

I get a nice view out the window while I’m doing my admin.

Piermark 04

The cover over the bookcase is essential: otherwise I’d always be looking at the book spines and trying to read them!

Piermark 03

Where’s the office? The sign on the door helps somewhat.