Work With Me

My Approach

My approach, in both life and in counselling, is:

  • Queer-positive. If you are part of the rainbow community or identify as LGBTTQIA, I welcome you. If you are uncertain and exploring, I support you.
  • Poly-friendly. Whether you’re polyamorous, exploring swinging, or off the relationship escalator entirely, I am here to support you and and assist you to work through any challenges you may be facing.
  • Kink-friendly. Whether you’re new to exploring BDSM/kink or have been involved with it for many years, I am here to support you. When based on the informed consent of all parties involved then it can be a strong part of healthy, respectful and loving relationships.
  • Trans-friendly and genderqueer-friendly. There are many ways of experiencing and expressing a multitude of gender identities. I welcome you on your journey.
  • Disability-accepting. I strongly oppose disability stigma, both of physical and mental issues. I provide a disability-friendly location and service.
What to Expect

I provide a non-judgmental, empowering and safe space in which you can (among other things):

  • explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours in general, or in regard to specific issues;
  • identify patterns and potential barriers to progress, in relation to current life experiences or to the past;
  • recognise and build on your personal strengths and insights; and
  • improve your communication skills and increase your decision-making tools.
The Counselling Process

An initial session is an hour long, and it is an opportunity for us to get a feel for each other. Sometimes it may be that I’m not the right counsellor for you – in which case I am happy to provide a referral if you wish.

If we do decide that we can work together, then we made another appointment (all appointments are an hour, unless explicitly determined beforehand). At that time we will specify what you want to achieve from counselling, and work together to create concrete goals. You’ll be taking an active role in achieving them, with my guidance and support. Usually there’s a review of the counselling process at about the sixth session, but this can be earlier or later as you choose.

There is no definitive number of counselling sessions that are required. It’s about what works for you, and helps you to reach your goals.

In counselling my main modality is person-centred, although it’s dependent on what you need. I have training in CBT, solution-focused, Imago, gestalt and behavioural therapies and am comfortable using their techniques. I have also attended workshops on NVC, and am continually working on my professional development.

You can read about the policies I have in place here. These include confidentiality, session length and type, payments and cancellation.