Inclusive counselling for all

Particularly queer, poly and kinky folk
Dee Morgan of QPK Counselling

Haere mae and welcome to QPK Counselling! My name is Dee Morgan, and I provide inclusive and affirmative counselling for all – but particularly people who identify as queer, kinky, poly, trans or any part of the rainbow community.

Whether you live your desires openly – or have a more private approach – I am happy to work with you. My aim is to allow you the opportunity to explore your issues in a safe counselling setting, and empower you with tools to effectively achieve your goals.

I currently provide individual counselling only, on a face-to-face basis. Sessions are available on a sliding scale, and there are also limited koha/pro-bono sessions on offer.

You can see the session times available and make a booking here.

Why Counselling?

People choose to come to counselling for many reasons. These can include:

  • having difficulty adjusting or having challenges within a current relationship;
  • having difficulty coming to terms with past trauma;
  • wanting a deeper understanding of their identities or means of sexual expression; or
  • wanting a better understanding of a partner’s needs.

Some come to counselling to discuss issues unrelated to their gender or sexual identities, but feel more comfortable speaking with someone knowledgeable about alternative lifestyles and identities. That’s absolutely welcomed as well. Find out more about working with me and the counselling process here.

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